Concession Equipment

Popcorn Machine (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$60.00
Cotton Candy Machine (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$55.00
Snow Cone Machine (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$55.00
Hot Dog Steamer (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$50.00
Grills- 5’x 3’ (charcoal) (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$55.00
Nacho Cheese Warmer (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$25.00
Nacho Chip Warmer (25.00 refundable cleaning fee)$25.00
Heat lamp$25.00
Deep Fryer (electric,2 basket) - oil tub size, 10" x 14" x 6" deep-$50.00 refundable cleaning deposit$30.00

Charcoal Grill 5′ – $55.00 a day

*Important Information*
Do not use extension cords
Do not move machine from place of set-up
Do not unassemble machines
Turn machine off at end of party
All concession equipment is given to customer clean and ready for use.
Customer must return items clean. Do not let children operate concession equipment.

*Prices Are Per Day*

Supplies Available for purchase

Snow Cone Syrup, several flavors, (Gal. bottle does 128 servings)$8.50
Pump, for snow cone syrup bottles$8.00
Carton Of paper Cones, 6 oz 200 count$7.99
Cotton Candy Floss Sugar, per carton (60 -70 servings)$7.99
Cotton Candy Paper Cones$0.06
Cotton candy plastic bags $0.06
Paper, Pop Corn Bags, 1oz. size$0.06
Popcorn, packets (all-in-one, salt, seasoning, corn, oil) makes 10 bags$1.50