Outdoor / Tent LightsLED_LIGHT-163x134

Halogen Lights, Dual Lamp$25.00
6 Globe Strand,white plastic (9" dia. globe with bulb inside)25' long (our most popular tent lighting)$30.00
10 Light Strand, yellow plastic cage around light bulb$45.00
Professional Stage Lights (D J Style 8 cans w/colored gels & controller$100.00
Par Can light, with or without colored gel...(use in dark areas)$15.00
LED Light, multi-color (can be used for up-lighting indoors or in tents)$30.00
Strobe Light, 8" (large)$15.00
Chaser Lights, w/colored gels$15.00
Mirror Ball, kit with turner and pin light$45.00
Fog machine$25.00
Bubble Machine$25.00
LED Light, multi- color (use in doors or in a tent) $30.00
6 globe light strand   30.00 /day

LED Light, multi- color (use in doors or in a tent)30.00 per day, each.

Stages and Platforms
Several different sizes
Call for Prices



Bistro String Lights offer a great way to add ambiance, soft lighting and atmosphere for your next event. Each strand is 48’ long with 24-bulbs and sockets are spaced 24” apart, with 11W vintage-inspired Edison bulbs. 30.00 per strand




LED lamps in tent
Tent with LED and Bistro lights