Tent Rental Prices (Professionally Installed)

A focal point of any outdoor event is the tent. Nothing adds a more elegant and utterly charming touch to you special day than a spectacular tent. It is the first thing that catches the attendee’s eye when they walk in and lingers long after they leave. It surely set the mood for an exciting and memorable occasion allowing everyone to get caught up in the celebration at hand.

We rent tents for all occasions, VIP events, Everyday parties, and Festivals.

Refer to Tent Info for definitions.


 Make Your Party Special Rent a Tent!

10’x10’Tent decorated to use for wedding ceremony The inside of 20’x40′ Tent set up for wedding reception

Professionally Installed Tents:

Frame Tents

Everyday Quality Price
Delivery Charges Will Apply
At eve of tent, height is 7 ft. Peak height is 12 ft.

10' x 10' (frame)$125.00
10' X 20' (frame)$225.00
10’x 30’(frame)$325.00
10’x 40’(frame)$425.00
10’x 50’(frame)$525.00
10’x 60’(frame)$625.00
10' x 70'(frame)$725.00
10' x 80'(frame)$825.00
10' x 90'(frame)$925.00
10' x 100'(frame)$1025.00
10' x 100'(frame)$1125.00
10' x 120'(frame)$1225.00
10' x 130'(frame)$1325.00
10' x 140'(frame)$1425.00
20’x 20’ (frame)$300.00
20’x 30’ (frame)$425.00
20’x 40’ (frame)$550.00
20'x 50' (frame)$675.00
20'x 60' (frame)$800.00
20'x 70' (frame)$925.00
20'x 80' (frame)$1050.00
20'x 90' (frame)$1175.00
20'x 100' (frame)$1300.00
20'x 110' (frame)$1425.00
20'x 120' (frame)$1550.00
20'x 130' (frame)$1675.00
20'x 140' (frame)$1800.00

       20′ x 40′ Frame tent with linen leg drapes

30' x 30' (frame)$750.00
30' x 50' (frame)$1,100.00
40' x 40' (frame) $1350.00

Water barrel rental (delivered empty- customer fills on site)$10.00
Water barrel rental (delivered empty- AA personnel fill on site) $20.00
Water barrel rental (delivered pre-filled w/ water)$35.00

Water barrel Linen cover, white$15.00
waterbarrel pic



40′ x 120′ Pole Tent



 tent1  tent2
40′ x 40′ Frame Tent
with window walls
 20′ x 30′ Frame tent

 Pole Tents

Everyday Quality Price
Delivery Charges Will Apply
At eve of tent, height is 7 ft. Peak height is 17 ft.

40’x 40’ (pole)$850.00
40’x 60’ (pole)$1250.00
40’x 80’ (pole)$1650.00
40’x 100’(pole)$2150.00
40' x 120' (pole)$2550.00

Sidewall Rentals

Sidewalls, Solid (white only)……. $2.00 per ft
Sidewalls, with “cathedral windows” (
white only) $4.00 per ft

Please note: 

Sidewalls hang free from the edge of the tent and do not attach to the side poles or the ground.

 Sidewall policy:

When sidewalls are rented with tent, only hang sidewalls before event and take off tent after event to prevent any wind damage to sidewalls and or tent.


Side pole drape, white    15.00 per day
Sash for pole drape,        3.00 perday  (30 colors)